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"Whitecap SEO launched a discovery package for us and has been very active on our SEO work, helping us move more aggressively on our SEO efforts and accelerate our organic presence. Through their work we've been able to better optimize our product pages and identify Schema markup in order to increase our traffic and sales. We are excited to continue working with Whitecap SEO on all things digital marketing. They have proven themselves true professionals who care about our success."


"I feel fortunate to have found Whitecap SEO to help us enhance our organic search presence through SEO. The work they've done has been very thorough and they've been great at providing clear, actionable next steps for us to follow to re-mediate issues identified in the site audit. I'm excited to continue working with them in the future as we continue to optimize our site and make progress with our link building initiative."

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"Whitecap SEO is comprised of true professionals. After an audit by Whitecap we were able to fix a number of things that we were not even aware we had problems with. And, they were able to answer some very tricky questions regarding URL architecture and best practices for linking. The audit was well thought out, and overall absolutely excellent."


"I highly recommend Whitecap SEO as your go-to company for everything search marketing related. After multiple informative phone consultations with Michael Salvo, we hired Whitecap SEO to conduct a full site audit and set up the SEO groundwork for our company. We were extremely pleased with the measurable results and the team proved themselves knowledgeable in every facet of search marketing. I enthusiastically recommend Whitecap SEO without hesitation and look forward to working with them in the future on our search marketing initiatives."


"Michael is a pleasure to work with. His positive attitude is infectious. He has strong knowledge about the nitty gritty of search engine optimization and understands the key factors that make the needle move in driving more traffic and revenue to a web site. He practices legitimate white hat SEO and understands that search marketing is a long-term investment and that the little details matter if you want to rank well, draw clicks and convert!"


"Working with Whitecap SEO was truly a pleasure. Michael Salvo is open from the get go about exactly what he intends to do to grow your business and how much it is going to cost. The Whitecap team is always on schedule and are very realistic with their timeline. I highly recommend Whitecap SEO to anyone looking for a great SEO company and I personally will be using them again in the future."

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"We talked to numerous SEO firms and no one has been aligned with our interests like Michael Salvo at Whitecap SEO. He has provided us with great advice to improve our SEO strategy."


"Whitecap has helped us from a technical perspective to optimize our site and to gain quality, relevant links leading to increased rankings for our highest traffic and most competitive keywords. They've also looked at our industry and site from a big picture marketing perspective and have found ways we can increase the number of site visitors that become customers."

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"100% recommend Whitecap as the SEO experts. They brought my site to #1 in 3 months. 50 top keywords ranking #1 in Google in 3 months. Amazing! They tripled my organic search traffic, doubled the number of transactions, and doubled revenue from organic search traffic. Whitecap SEO is the best!"


"Whitecap has a great team, are easy to talk to and provide clear documentation. They are set to satisfy the customer and their needs and we rely on their knowledge in our efforts."

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"Whitecap performed a full site audit providing key insights to grow traffic from search engines and alerted us to technical issues with our site and server configuration that were hurting SEO. The analysis within the site audit also helped us understand the different marketing strategies our competitors were employing. The Whitecap team has also assisted us with site changes based on the latest Google mobile algorithm updates, as well as responsive site migration as it relates to SEO."

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"Whitecap has really helped us grow our SEO channel, bringing great expertise to table to make sure we are ahead of the competitive curve. We're very satisfied with the thoroughness of work and quick turnaround. The support on the tech side of things has been key to our success."


"It was a pleasure to work with Michael Salvo at Whitecap SEO. In addition to Michael's depth of knowledge and experience in SEO, he has a great personality and he is very reliable. Whitecap SEO did keyword research, competitive analysis and site optimisation for our website. They were so professional and timely since the beginning and we were impressed by every piece of work they did for us."