Case Study: $62k Per Month Ecommerce Sales Growth with SEO

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SEO can lead to massive organic traffic growth for large and small businesses alike.

Question is, how do you level up your business if you are already dominating your niche?

That’s the challenge one Whitecap client faced when it came to increasing organic traffic and sales to their online store.

One of the world’s largest product distributors, this company knew that search engine optimization (SEO) was what they needed in order to make a splash online.

They just needed an SEO agency that understood the ins and outs of ecommerce SEO and knew how to take their business to that next level.

Here’s how Whitecap SEO was able to bring this ecommerce company more organic visitors and increase revenue by 40% through a data-driven, conversion-friendly SEO strategy.


The Challenge

This company already had a strong retail presence, but online sales were falling short.

They needed a strategy for increasing their online presence and improving the conversion rate on their website.

Why Whitecap?

The distributor’s top priority was to sell their products – food items, gift sets, and more.

That meant that they needed an agency that understood the complexities of ecommerce SEO – including optimizing product pages, streamlining the checkout process, and mapping keywords to each stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

Fortunately, Whitecap SEO focuses on search engine strategy and implementation for ecommerce businesses to help them get more traffic and increase conversions. Working with this thriving company was a perfect fit.

The Solution


In order to take an already thriving business to the next level, we knew that our client needed an SEO strategy that went beyond a few on-page tweaks.

So, we completely transformed their online presence through holistic SEO.

Comprehensive Site Audit

First, we conducted a thorough site audit in order to identify key areas on their website that needed improvement, such as implementing on-page SEO, creating engaging, evergreen content, and attracting high-quality backlinks.

12-Month SEO Strategy

We then laid out a 12-month plan for fixing all website and SEO issues, plus our strategy for increasing organic traffic and sales month-over-month.

Fix Technical SEO Issues

One particular area we focused on was their product category pages. We added keyword-friendly copy to each page, professional images with optimized alt attributes, and substantially increased their internal linking.

Content Creation and Link Building

Finally, we created engaging, search engine optimized content to attract traffic and convert visitors into customers. We also conducted outreach to drive high-authority links to their website.

The Results

After implementing on-site fixes and upping our link building efforts, their website was gaining momentum in the search results. Our client started seeing the payoff right away.

Our SEO strategy resulted in a 35% increase in organic visitors, year over year, as well as a 40% increase in online revenue.

The company generated 40% more in sales as a result of their SEO investment with Whitecap SEO.


The Benefits

Through working with Whitecap SEO, this distributor has both increased organic traffic to their website and generated more online sales.

✓ More targeted, organic traffic

✓ Generation of authoritative backlinks

✓ Creation of engaging, SEO-friendly content

✓ Higher conversion rate and increased sales

✓ Better brand visibility through branded keywords

Now their online presence matches what customers experience at their retail stores – top-quality products, supportive customer service, and a fast and simple checkout process.

Even better, their traffic and sales continue to increase year-over-year (for the past 6 years working with Whitecap) with the help of SEO, targeted content creation, and whitehat link building.

The Takeaway

Companies large and small can benefit from having a data-driven SEO strategy.

If you are an ecommerce business, it pays to work with an SEO agency that specializes in ecommerce and create a long-term SEO plan. This is the best way to not only increase traffic over time but ensure that your website is optimized for maximum sales.

Work with Whitecap SEO to Increase Traffic and Maximize Sales

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Michael Salvo